Classic Literature of Limerick


CoverTitleAuthorYear of Publication
  A Poetical Satire on the Corporation and Other Sordid Citizens   Hayes 1820
  Poetic sketches, rural, pathetic and descriptive with tales versified from interesting subjects   William M. Downes  1836
  The Opening Rosebud  William Ledger  1836
  Xeniola: poems, including translations from Schiller and De La Motte Fouqué   John Anster  1837
  The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Gerald Griffin   Gerald Griffin 1857 (1904 ed.)
Poems  John Francis Waller  1863
  Lonely Hours: poems  Fanny E. Fisher 1864
  Ainsworth's Heir and other poems  Fanny Fisher  1866
  The Limerick Veteran: or The Foster Sisters  Agnes M. Stewart 1873
   Arca : A repertory of original poems, sacred and secular   Canon Francis Meredyth   1875
  The Fall of Rora, The Search After Prosperine and other poems and Part Two  Aubrey De Vere 1877
  A Tale of Venice : a drama ; and, Lyrics  Charlotte Grace O'Brien  1880
  Grave and Gay: Verses of Many Years  Sir Stephen E. De Vere 1883
  Legends and Records of the Church and the Empire  Aubrey De Vere  1887
  Kilkee: a poem  Rev. Canon S. R. Wills  1889
  The Slaver of Zanzibar & Part Two Frank Frankfort Moore  1889
   A Cracked Fiddle: being a selection from the poems of Frederick Langbridge   Frederick Langbridge  1891?
  The Scales of Heaven: poems, narrative, legendary, and meditative, with a few sonnets   Frederick Langbridge 1896
Sarsfield at Limerick, and other poems  John Paul Dalton 1898
   Dairine and other poems  The Hon. Katherine Vereker  1901
  A Nest of Linnets + part 2  Frank Frankfort Moore  1901
   A Garland of Verse  T.J. Dunbar  1907
  The Power of Red Michael and other ballads  Frederick Langbridge  1909
  The Patriotic Songs and Poems of J. J. Finnan ("Myles")  J.J. Finnan  1913

 The Leaguer of Limerick: an historical play of the second siege of Limerick, August, 1690 

 Patrick Creagh MacMahon   1914
   The Lighter Side of English Life  F. Frankfort Moore  1914


































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