Fire Safety Certificate Procedures - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: 1. Am I obliged to comply with the Building Regulations?
Question: 2. Do I have to get a fire safety certificate for my private dwelling?
Question: 3. What items make up a fire safety certificate application
Question: 4. Can I get a fire safety certificate without hiring a consultant?
Question: 5. How much is the application fee?
Question: 6. When did the requirement for a fire safety certificate come in?
Question: 7. How long will it take my fire safety certificate to be processed?
Question: 8. I want to get started before my fire safety certificate is granted, can I go ahead?
Question: 9. What can I do with my site while I await the granting of my fire safety certificate ?
Question: 10. What if I don't bother with applying for a fire safety certificate and build anyway?
Question: 11. I want to carry out minor works to my premises. Do I need a fire safety certificate?
Question: 12. I don't need planning for what I want to do. Does that also mean I don't have to apply for a fire safety certificate?
Question: 13. I want to build three separate buildings on my site. Will the one fire safety application cover the three buildings ?
Question: 14. Where can I obtain an application form ?
Question: 15. Where can I find a consultant to prepare my fire safety certificate application?
Question: 16. Will the Fire Authority come out and certify my building when it is finished ?
Question: 17. Do I have to wait for my planning permission to come through before I can apply for my fire safety certificate?

Last update:16/05/2007