Fire Safety Certificate Procedures

What is a Fire Safety Certificate?

A fire safety certificate is an approval by your local building control authority, (Limerick City Council, in this case) of proposed fire safety design to be incorporated into the overall design of your building. It is a certification of your proposed fire safety design, not the fire safety design of your finished building. When you receive a fire safety certificate in relation to a proposed design it means that your building, if built in accordance with the design as proposed, complies with the fire requirements of the Building Regulations.

Procedure for obtaining a Fire Safety Certificate

A fire safety certificate application consists of an application form, fee, technical drawings and a technical report, which when submitted to your local fire authority, is assessed for compliance with up to date building codes.

The content of the application needs to be comprehensive in nature. Anyone preparing a fire safety certificate will need a sound knowledge of building construction and fire safety design. If the application submitted is lacking then the local authority will return it to you together with your fee.

The following will be of assistance:

  • Establish if you need a fire safety certificate. As a general rule, if you are constructing a new building or making changes to an existing building and the building is not a family dwelling, you will probably need a fire safety certificate. If in doubt, contact us and we will let you know if you need to apply.
  • Having established the need for a fire safety certificate you will need to retain a fire safety consultant. A fire safety consultant is any individual or firm of a technical background with knowledge and experience of fire safety design. Your fire safety consultant will advise you on how fire safety will affect the layout and look of your building. With your consultant, you will work towards a design that is functional and complies with fire safety standards.
  • Once agreement on a design has been reached, your consultant will prepare an application. As with any other service, you get what you pay for. Fire safety consultants are no different. Remember poor or incomplete applications will not be assessed and returned to you.
  • Upon submission, the application will be processed and assigned to a fire officer who will carry out an assessment. The statutory period for assessment is 2 months. During this period your consultant may be requested to make changes to the design of the building.
  • Once the officer is satisfied that the design complies with the building regulations, the City Council's Fire Prevention & Building Control Section will issue you a fire safety certificate. Only then can you commence works on your project. It is against the law to commence works prior to receiving a fire safety certificate
  • You are legally obliged to ensure that the works carried out are in accordance with the specifications and plans approved under your application. It is recommended you retain your consultant to oversee the fire related issues of the construction of your building.

Last update:16/05/2007