Fire Prevention & Building Control Section

The City's Council's functions under the Building Control Act 1990, are dealt with by the Fire Prevention & Building Control Section.

The role of the Section in relation to building control involves the monitoring of building construction activity in the City to:

  • Secure the health, safety and welfare (including fire safety) of people in and around buildings.
  • Ensure the provision of access for people with disabilities and
  • Further the conservation of fuel and energy in relation to buildings.

The legislative framework for Building Control system is contained in the following:

  • The Building Control Act 1990.
  • The Building Regulations 1997-2002.
  • The Building Control Regulations 1997-2004.

There are also the Technical Guidance Documents (Parts A to M). Adherence to the standards of the Technical Guidance Documents will usually indicate compliance with requirements of the legislation. However other means of compliance are not excluded.

The key features of the Building Control Regulations are:

  • Commencement Notice requirements
  • Fire Safety Certificate requirements
  • The keeping of registers.
  • Prescription of Fees
  • Appeal mechanisms

The objective of Building Control is to promote good practice in the design and construction of buildings. While the primary responsibility for compliance with the regulations rests with the owners, designers and builders of developments, the City Council has the powers to request and analyse design documentation and to inspect buildings.

Building sites are randomly selected and monitored by way of site inspections. Failure to comply with the Building Control Regulations can lead to summary proceedings in the District Court, which can result in a heavy fine, or term of imprisonment, or both.

Planning Applications

The Fire Prevention Department examines planning applications and the Planning Officer is advised on fire safety implications of planning applications

Licensing of Premises

Under Section 24 - of the Fire Services Act, 1981, a fire authority has the right to give evidence at the Licensing Courts in relation to licensing applications.

Dangerous Buildings

On receipt of a complaint, an inspection is carried out alleged dangerous buildings and a report is forwarded to the Planning & Development Department.

Advice: Where requested, advice is made available to members of the public.

Legal Proceedings

Where the Fire Prevention & Building Control Section is of the opinion that an offence has been committed under any of the relevant acts or regulations the initiation of legal proceedings is recommended to Limerick City Council.


Where complaints are received in writing from members of the public regarding fire safety in premises, the Fire Prevention Department investigates such complaints.


Limerick City Council Fire & Rescue Service, through its Fire Prevention & Building Control Section, aims to reduce the occurrence of fires by actively educating the community about fire prevention measures. In conjunction with the National Safety Council, the Fire & Rescue Service promotes fire prevention by:

  • School visits
  • Talks to community and other groups
  • Press/radio and other advertising
  • Distribution of lectures/posters
  • Seminars


Fire Prevention and Building Control

Phone: 061 407100/316107
Fax: 061 209073
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Opening hours:
09:00 to 13:00 & 14:10 to 17:00 Monday to Friday

Fire Prevention and Building Control
Fire Station,
Mulgrave Street,

Fire Prevention and Building Control

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