DIEGO - Digital Inclusive eGovernance

Digital Inclusive eGovernance (DIEGO) is a project co-financed by the European Commission under the CIP ICT-PSP to provide access to e-Government services for all citizens, with special attention to the elderly, the disabled or people living in rural areas and to those to whom new information and communication technologies are still unknown. The main objective of DIEGO is to provide access to e-Government services that are comfortable, user-friendly and reachable. These services will be available by means of multiple channels: TV, PC, mobile phone and even kiosks, specially displayed by local councils.

To access DIEGO please visit simply.limerick.ie/.

DIEGO will contribute to improve citizens’  quality of life through eGovernment by providing:information about activities, authenticated access through Digital ID, the possibility to schedule appointments or perform these procedures by video-conferences, to integrate job offers all around Europe, to promote e-Participation through accessible surveys and manyother services that you can watch in the “best practice” pilot site developed in Quart de Poblet (Valencia Region).

DIEGO project is framed in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe, which aim to maximize the economic and social potential of ICT as a vital medium of economic and societal activity.

This is where DIEGO comes into play to enable the Commission to reach its objectives through key actions such as:

  • Digital Inclusion. To increase regular use of the Internet from 60% to 75% in 2015, and among disadvantaged groups from 41% to 65%.
  • Public services. To provide better access to e-government services by 2015.
  • Innovation. To promote R&D in the ICT sector and use multi-channel platforms in order to make e-government services easier to use...

For more information on the DIEGO project please visit http://www.diego-project.eu/.

Last update:08/07/2011