Your Council

Limerick City Council, in common with all local authorities, is constantly evolving and has skillfully adapted means for the purpose of meeting the challenges of a new Ireland on a world stage.The enduring ethos of this Local Government remains constant in its visionary public service work but the skills to develop, maintain and implement the public desire for good local government are hard won. The trust of our endeavours are to efficiently maintain a constant, creative, socially beneficial range of democratic local government initiatives through a close partnership process with community and authority staff for the development of an inclusive society.This philosophy of a working community and authority partnership is proving to be a very effective, harmonious sword of change and has come as a result of great vision and energy from all the participants.The city moves forward, confident in the knowledge of its resources and its ability to bring these to bear on all emerging events in the life of this city.


Last update:11/05/2007