Replacement of Communal Lead Water Service

Limerick City Council is pleased to advise you that funding has been obtained to replace the lead water-service connection to your house.

The lead water service connection needs to be replaced for 2 reasons:

  • Water Quality. The permissible limit for the amount of lead in drinking water is to be reduced by January 2013. To comply with this Limerick City Council believe the best solution is to eliminate all lead water service pipes. This would also eliminate any possible future health issues with respect to lead.
  • Water Pressure. Due to the high number of leaks on these service connections a number of houses are experiencing low pressures in their water supply or in some cases a full interruption to supply. The new proposed connection would eliminate this.

   Letter regarding Notification of Replacement of Communal Lead Water Service (PDF - 157 Kb)

Last update:25/07/2011