Limerick Main Drainage

The Limerick Main Drainage Scheme is a major environmental and infrastructural project, which will enable Limerick City and its environs to provide for the domestic, industrial and commercial development of the area well into the new millennium.

The City of Limerick has over 70,000 people living within a 4km. radius of the city centre. There are over 15,000 households within the city limits and up to a further 6,000 households in counties Clare and Limerick which use the city sewer system. Each household generates on average 150-250 gallons of wastewater per day.

The city drainage infrastructure covers some 30km2. The project has significantly upgraded the existing sewer network and pumping facilities. The new system is linked to a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, thereby eliminating untreated discharges to the Shannon and Abbey Rivers from Limerick. The €300 million investment has improved river water quality in the whole area, from Parteen in Co. Clare to the Shannon Estuary.

The EU Directive on Urban Waste Water Treatment, requires that urban areas exceeding 15,000 population equivalent, and located on estuaries, be provided with a treatment plant to at least secondary treatment standard. It further requires a collection system, designed to prevent untreated discharges into receiving waters, and that the discharge of the treated effluent meets all relevant directives and national standards. The new infrastructure has ensured that the EU requirements for the provision of waste water treatment facilities are now being achieved.

David Keane
Senior Engineer
Limerick Main Drainage
Phone: (061) 496000

   Ambient River Water Quality Results MS Word - 40 Kb | PDF - 92 Kb)
    Results of Limerick City Council Bunlicky Waste Water Treatment Plant Ambient River Water Quality Monitoring as at 31st August 2012

Last update:14/06/2013