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Limerick City Water Conservation Project

Leak Detection & Repair Works

Limerick City Council have engaged contractors, Hydrosave and O’ Kane Civil Engineering Ltd., to carry out Leak Detection and Leak Repair Contracts within Limerick City in order to reduce water leakage from the public supply network. They will also identify leaks on private side connections.

The works will commence in the coming weeks and will continue for a period of 9 months at different locations throughout the City and will involve periodic disruption to water supply.

To keep disruption to consumers to a minimum, consumers will be notified via local newspapers and local radio, whenever works are taking place in their areas. Limerick City Council will repair leaks up to the consumer’s boundary, but where the leak is on the private side of the property boundary, it shall be the property owner’s responsibility to repair the leak. Where members of the public have queries regarding the contract or works in the area, please contact the following number 061-407100 or see for further details.

The Contractor’s personnel will at all times Carry identity cards and although should not require access to private property if they do so then they should be requested to produce their identity cards and should not be allowed access without proper evidence.

Limerick City Council’s Leak Detection and Repair Crews have identified and repaired over 1,200 leaks since 2000, but additional assistance is required to achieve the target savings. Leak Detection and Leak Repair Contractors have been taken on and will be commencing works shortly. These contracts will primarily take place in the older parts of the network with high levels of leakage, generally in areas near the city centre. The target savings from the contract is 4.6 Ml/day over a 9 month period.

Limerick City Council would encourage everyone to conserve and use water wisely, prevent waste and where there is an existing leak to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

Many leaks may have developed unbeknownst to householders over the past two freezing winters. Should consumers suspect that they have a leak or if they receive notification that they have a leak, they should contact a local plumber to locate and repair the leak at the earliest opportunity.

The City Council would request the assistance of the public in the reporting of any suspected leaks to facilitate the City Council in reducing unaccounted for water.

The City Council regrets any inconvenience caused to consumers and would request their co-operation and patience during the period of this work.



Last update:25/06/2012