Transportation and Infrastructure Department, aims and objectives

The overall aim of the Transportation and Infrastructure Department is to continue to maintain and improve the road network within the city, promote and encourage an integrated sustainable public transport system with due regard for the safety and amenity of all and to provide the appropriate infrastructure to support the economic and social development of the city.


To ensure the provision of a sustainable quality transport network in and around the city for all modes of transport.
The roads and footpaths and related services and utilities will be planned, designed and maintained to ensure safety, accessibility and efficiency for all.
To have continuously available high quality drinking water to meet local and regional demands.
To provide a high quality sanitary waste water treatment collection and treatment system to meet local and regional demands.
To provide adequate flood protection infrastructure to minimise risk of flooding and to provide an emergency response.
To develop the waterways to their full potential.

Paul Crowe


Travel & Transport

Telephone: 00.353.61.496229

Facsimile: 00.353.61.496005


Joe Coughlan
Administrative Officer
Transportation and Infrastructure

Telephone: 00.353.61.496229

Facsimile: 00.353.61.496005


Roads Traffic and Risk Management

County Hall

County Buildings



Open to public
9a.m. – 5p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 00.353.61.496229

Fax: 00.353.61.496005

Roads Depot,
Parnell St.
Open to public
8a.m. – 4:45p.m. Monday - Thursday
Phone: 00.353.61.418036
Fax: 00.353.61.314386
Emergency No: 00.353.61.417833

Pay Parking Section
City Hall

Open to public
9:15a.m. – 4:15p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 00.353.61.415799

The main areas of responsibility of the Roads Traffic and Risk Management Department of Limerick City Council are:

Road construction
Road design
Road maintenance
Traffic management operation
Traffic management administration
Road safety
Public lighting
Risk management

The road network of the city consists of the following categories:

  • National primary 15.23 km.
  • National secondary 2.13 km.
  • Regional roads 17.49 km.
  • Local roads 144.09 km.
  • Total 179.64 km.

Last update:20/02/2014