Transportation Publications

   Draft Delivery Strategy for Limerick City Centre MS Word - 22 Kb | PDF - 13 Kb)

   Appointed Stands - TAXI MS Word - 79 Kb | PDF - 97 Kb)

   Appointed Stands - Street Service Vehicles - 2006 MS Word - 32 Kb | PDF - 32 Kb)

   Draft Street Service Vehicles Appointed Stands (February 2007) (Excel - 31 Kb)

   Providing Green Routes in Limerick City (PDF - 260 Kb)
    Do you live or work in Limerick City? Do you regularly travel into the City?If so you may be interested to know about a package of ideas and initiatives that could be introduced to improve the transportation network in the City. These ideas will help to make the city’s roads better for buses, bus users, pedestrians, cyclists, cars and the environment. Limerick City Council would like to implement a series of 4 Green Routes in the City (from the South, East, North and Western suburbs). The following information summarises the ideas that have been identified by Limerick City Council. Please read on to find out more.

   Taking in Charge Policy (MS Word - 238 Kb)
    Policy for Taking in Charge of Estates

Last update:25/01/2008