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Limerick City - Irelands Smarter Travel Demonstration City 2012 - 2016

Limerick City Council is delighted that Limerick City has been designated as one of three centres in Ireland that are to become Irelands First Smarter Travel Demonstration Areas. 

The Limerick submission was ranked 1st of all submissions received by the Department of Transportation from the local authorites in Ireland and will receive funding of €9million over the next five years to roll out a wide range of measures and interventions targeted at encouraging people to use more sustainable modes of transport and to engage in transport planning as set out in our stage 2 submission.

The Limerick Smarter Travel bid was a joint initiative by Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council in partnership with the University of Limerick.  Through looking at how we can change the way people think about travel we can make a significant improvement to our city and act as an example for the rest of Ireland in changing travel behaviour.  To this end the Smarter Travel team at Limerick City and County Council are looking forward to making Limerick City a successful Smarter Travel Demonstration City.  It is important at this time to acknowledge the valuable support of the business community, the wider education community and residents of Limerick in making our stage 2 Smarter Travel submission a success.  We look forward to engaging with the business, residential, political and educational communities over the next five years to make a success of this very important initiative.

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   Statement from Limerick Smarter Travel Partners (MS Word - 20 Kb)

   Statement from Minister Alan Kelly (MS Word - 21 Kb)

   Final Design Report (PDF - 1,054 Kb)

   Marketing Report (PDF - 1,290 Kb)

   Limerick Stage 2 Final Version (PDF - 5,328 Kb)

   European Precedent Study (PDF - 1,975 Kb)

   Supporting Maps (PDF - 12,128 Kb)

   Supporting Maps (PDF - 4,298 Kb)

   Supporting Maps (PDF - 10,507 Kb)

   Cost Profile and Match Funding (PDF - 116 Kb)

   Interim Targets (PDF - 22 Kb)

   Quarterly Cost Profile and Match Funding (PDF - 116 Kb)

   A Delivery Programme (PDF - 34 Kb)

   Limerick Smarter Travel Presentation (PDF - 7,789 Kb)

Last update:23/10/2012