Limerick Route 8: North Circular Road

7.9 Route 8: North Circular Road

Map of Limerick City Cycle Network

The proposed North Circular Road Cycle Route will link the North Circular Road and Sarsfield Bridge via Lower Shelbourne Road and the Ennis Road. This area is mainly residential and has four schools.

This route has not been surveyed in detail but from a preliminary examination it is proposed to construct 1.5m on-road advisory cycle lanes on both sides of the carriageway along the length of the North Circular Road. Speed ramps have been constructed at various locations along the length of this road so where the cycle lanes intersect the ramps it may be necessary to reduce the ramp width.

It is proposed to continue this route along Lower Shelbourne Road as 1.25m on-road advisory lanes as it is a heavily trafficked route on a narrow carriageway. At the junction with the Ennis Road an advanced stop line is to be constructed. The route will then continue along the Ennis Road as far as Sarsfield Bridge. There is on-street parking along the carriageway of this section of the Ennis Road where a buffer zone of 0.7m is to be constructed. It is proposed to construct 1.5m on-road advisory cycle lanes along this section of the route.

Last update:28/02/2007