Limerick Route 5: Ballysimon/ Killmallock Road

7.6 Route 5: Ballysimon/ Killmallock Road

Map of Limerick City Cycle Network

The proposed Ballysimon Road/Kilmallock Road cycle route will link the Childers Road cycle route with the Garryowen cycle route. It will consist of an outbound lane along part of Ballysimon Road then diverting onto the Kilmallock Road and an inbound lane also along the Kilmallock Road.

The Ballysimon Road carriageway width at the Munster Fair Tavern is 8.7m and the footpaths are 0.9m and 2.7m wide respectively. At this point it is proposed to reduce the width of the footpath by 0.7m, thus increasing the carriageway width to 9.4m. A 1.25m wide on-road mandatory cycle lane is to be constructed from the Garryowen Road junction to the bus lay-by opposite Statoil. At the end of the bus lay-by and just before the junction with the Old Cork Road the carriageway width increases to 9.9m and the footpaths on either side to 3.2m and 2.5m respectively. Adequate space for three lanes of traffic is required at this junction, as the outbound traffic on the Ballysimon Road needs to overtake the right turning traffic onto the Old Cork Road. It is proposed to reduce the footpath width on the Statoil side by 1m and on the opposite side by 0.7m thereby increasing the carriageway by 1.7m giving a total width of 11.6m. This layout will accommodate 3 no. 3.45m traffic lanes and a 1.25m cycle lane. It is proposed to continue the cycle lane from the bus lay-by as advisory. At this junction either a controlled or uncontrolled pedestrian/cyclist crossing may be erected. The outbound cycle lane is to divert along the Old Cork Road at this junction.

There is another option to continue this cycle route as far as the existing pedestrian crossing, which is nearby, and use this as a crossing point. Another lane can then be constructed to take the cyclist back to the junction as there is adequate road space, the carriageway width is 9.65m and parking is disallowed.

The Killmallock Road itself is 6.5-8m wide and a one-way system is in operation along a section of this road. It is proposed to construct a 1.5m wide on-road advisory cycle lane on either side of the road. The inbound cycle lane is to be linked into the inbound cycle lane on the Ballysimon Road.

Last update:28/02/2007