Limerick Route 4: Hyde Road

7.5 Route 4: Hyde Road

Map of Limerick City Cycle Network

The proposed Hyde Road cycle route will link Childers Road and Careys Road. The carriageway along the Childers Road end of Hyde Road is wide and will easily facilitate a cycle lane on both sides. At the junction of Childers Road the carriageway is 11.6 meters wide. A 1.5m mandatory on-road cycle lane is to be constructed on both sides of the road. This carriageway is in good condition and will not require a lot of work to upgrade it. The carriageway narrows down to 9.1m adjacent to the pedestrian lights at Lenihan Avenue. The 1.5m mandatory on-road cycle lanes should continue to just past the junction with Lenihan Ave. The carriageway narrows to 7.4 meters just after the junction with Lenihan Avenue. However on both sides of the carriageway there is a green strip and inside this there is an access road serving the houses, which is approximately 4.6meters wide. The cycle lane should cross Lenihan Ave junction as an advisory cycle lane and the move into the access roads on either side of Hyde Road. The lanes should continue on to just before the junction of Careys Road as 1.5m on-road advisory cycle lanes.

At this junction there is a large green area on either side and so for continuity a 1.5m wide cycle lane will be constructed through the green to take cyclists to the junction with Careys Road. The inbound lane will continue along the carriageway of Careys Road towards the People's Park. The footpath will be realigned along this section, approximately 0.3m will be cut back off the footpath, which is 2.45m wide. This will leave 2 no. 3m lanes and a 1.5m on-road advisory cycle lane. This cycle lane will then continue along the footpath in front of the People's Park where the footpath is 2.6 meters wide. It will be necessary to widen this footpath by 0.4m to facilitate a shared use cyclist/pedestrian path where the cycle path would be 1.5m and the pedestrian footpath 1.5m. The outbound lane will commence near Colbert Station where a 1.5m wide cycle lane will be constructed on the access road in front of the houses on Hyde Road. This access road is 4.6 meters wide so there is adequate space. On Friday and Sunday evenings this access road tends to be used for dropping off and picking up people at Colbert Station. However there is a wide green strip 5.7 meters in wide between the access road and the main road where a parking lay-by could be constructed. The cycle lane will then continue across the green area at the end of the access road where a 1.5m wide path will be constructed. This will bring the cyclist as far as the pedestrian crossing at the Careys Road junction.

Last update:28/02/2007