Limerick 7.Proposed Cycle Routes

7.1 Key Design Considerations

At a macro level the routes are either radial from City Centre bridges or orbital. They link residential areas with the City Centre, schools, third level colleges and industrial estates. A key orbital route is along Childers Road. This will be a safe cycle route linking a large number of residential areas with two third level colleges, many schools and four of the largest industrial estates in the city. The route selection process tries to achieve multi purpose users on each route i.e. may link residential area to city centre but also provide safe route to schools.

On the micro level many of the routes involve finding space on existing roads, footpaths and verges. This retrofitting can be difficult where space is limited. The preliminary design process will identify solutions to these issues. A number of additional routes have been identified with particularly challenging constraints. Some of these have not been included in the network at this stage but will be examined in greater detail. An example of this is the Corbally Road. Given the high residential population and the number of schools in the area there is a clear need for the provision of cycle lanes additional to the Corbally Link Road Lanes and the riverside lanes.

The descriptions of the routes which are detailed below are indicative solutions to the individual route constraints. A more detailed assessment will be carried out at Preliminary Design Stage. In addition to applying the geometric design guidelines set out in Section 6, particular consideration will be given to public lighting, road furniture/hardware, road surface condition, location of utility services, landscaping and property issues. Property owners will be fully consulted.

The consideration of an extensive network will be a further phase of development but is being considered in the context of the City Centre Strategy and the provision of the Southern Ring Road Phase 2.

Last update:28/02/2007