Limerick 5.Cyclists/Potential Cyclists

The existing Limerick cyclists have to compete with other road users for scarce road space. At present, there are 5 national roads converging in the city centre. When the Southern Ring Road, Phase 2, is completed, the traffic which does not wish to enter the city will be diverted to the ring road. However, there will always be competition for road space as Limerick city and environs continues to grow. Thus, it is important to proceed quickly with the development of cycle facilities to encourage growth in the numbers of cyclists.

Whilst new cyclists will come from all age groups, it is realistic to assume that the younger generation are likely to provide the highest percentage of utility cyclists i.e. those who cycle to school or work. Others will cycle in smaller numbers. The motivation to cycle include low cost, convenience (saves car trips), environmental benefits and leisure purposes.

Limerick city has a high number of students attending primary, secondary and third level colleges. If even a small percentage of students are diverted from car journeys to school/college, it would have a significant impact on congestion levels on the roads. There is a clear difference in traffic volumes when schools are closed, in comparison to school days.

Last update:28/02/2007