Limerick 3.Existing Cycle Facilities

3.1 Cycle Tracks:

Limerick City Council has provided a number of cycle lanes associated with new road developments in the city. These locations are:

  • (1) Access road from Childers Road to Carew Park (two way).
  • (2) Corbally Link Road Phase 1 from Corbally Road to Canal (one way on each side of road).
  • (3) N7 realignment section from Groody Bridge to Plassey Park Roundabout.

    These lanes will be incorporated into the cycle lane network for the city as set out in this document.

    3.2 Cycle Parking:

    Limerick City Council has provided in recent years cycle parking facilities at key locations throughout the city. Figure 2 shows the location of the cycle lanes and cycle parking is shown on figure 3. Also shown is a type of cycle parking facility.

    However, most cyclists park by chaining the bicycles to poles, railings, etc. which is unsightly, disorganised and sometimes a hazard to pedestrians. This haphazard parking often diminishes the quality of the street environment.

  • Last update:28/02/2007