Roads Winter Service Plan 2013/2014

Limerick City Council is responsible to maintain a road network of over 180km within its boundaries;

While there is no statutory obligation for local authorities to pre-salt roads, Limerick City Council has developed a system for responding to winter weather as detailed in the Roads Winter Service Plan 2013/14.

A primary aim of the Road Winter Services Plan 2013/14 is to keep the road network safe and as free as far as reasonably practicable from winter hazards.

This plan outlines the procedures that are in place to respond to winter weather. It also includes

  •    A list of key personnel that manage the procedures. 
  •    A map showing the prioritised routes serviced


Route Designation


Level of Service

Priority 1

Those routes which are essential to be kept serviceable in all weather conditions, as far as reasonably practicable

To be treated during all weather events

Priority 2

Those routes which are desirable to be kept serviceable in the normal winter weather conditions, as far as reasonably practicable.

Priority 2 routes could include those routes which are important regionally, such as (for example) principle public transport routes, or the main commuter routes

To be treated as part of the normal winter service but may have interruptions to treatment in certain severe weather events

Priority 3

Those routes that could be kept serviceable once Priority 1 and 2 routes have been treated, if resources allow

Not treated as part of the normal winter service but may receive intermittent treatment during certain severe weather events


Table 3.2 NRA Recommended Mobilisation and Treatment Times

Treatment Route

Priority 1

Priority 2

Priority 3

Mobilisation Time

1 hr

1 hr

When possible

Treatment Time

2 hr

4 hrs

When possible

   Limerick City Council Winter Service Plan 2013/2014 (PDF - 1,389 Kb)

   Appendix A - Service Plan Area (PDF - 3,352 Kb)

   Appendix C - Treatment Routes (PDF - 876 Kb)

Last update:17/12/2013