Limerick City Centre Inner Orbital Route Phase 3

Limerick City Centre Inner Orbital Route Phase 3

 R445 Clare Street/Abbey Bridge/Lelia Street Traffic Management Scheme


The Limerick City Inner Orbital Route is a new traffic management system for Limerick City Centre designed to allow for the future economic growth of the core City centre.  The route is designed to accommodate more efficiently traffic displaced from the City centre as a result of the pedestrianisation of streets such as the proposed O’Connell Street project.  The scheme offers great benefits in terms of safety and personal mobility around the City centre for pedestrians and other road users.  This route is designed to compliment the City’s Green Route Strategy which is running in tandem with this project.

The July 2010 opening of the Limerick Tunnel to complete the Southern Ring Road and the reduction in traffic through the city centre and in particular HGV traffic has provided the City Council with a timely opportunity to further advance the Inner Orbital Route Project.

Works on the Inner Orbital Route Project commenced in 2008 at Mulgrave Street/Sexton Street and this phase developed a long held Development Plan objective of Limerick City Council to construct a link road from Cathedral Place to Roxboro Road and reverse traffic flow on Sexton Street.  This phase was completed in January, 2010 and also included phase 1 of the Eastern Green Route on Mulgrave Street.

Phase 2 of the Inner Orbital Route Project commenced on William Street/Sarsfield Street in July, 2010.  These works include the remodelling of Sarsfield Street/William Street and Upper William Street.  These works are scheduled to be completed in September, 2011.

While the primary objective of this scheme is the more efficient management of traffic, many very worthy ancillary benefits have accrued.  These include new public footpaths, new communications infrastructural services, public lighting, improved urban landscape and improved safety.

Phase 3 of the scheme provides for the removal of the Abbey Bridge Roundabout and the provision of traffic signal control at Abbey Bridge/Clare Street and Clare Street/Lelia Street junctions.  Work has commenced on site on 30th September and will be completed by the end of November ahead of the peak Christmas 2010 shopping period.

The Clare Street/Lelia Street junction will be junction 1 on the Inner Orbital Route and once the Inner Orbital Route is fully completed will allow for controlled and orderly movement of traffic in and out of the core City centre. For the Pedestrianisation of O’Connell Street to proceed it will be necessary to direct some inbound City traffic from Clare Street via Cathedral Place to the City Centre as traffic entering the City via Charlottes Quay onto Patrick Street will be directed up William Street.

The removal of roundabouts in City centre locations and their replacements with traffic signals whilst sometimes controversial is necessary where consideration of safe pedestrian movement and cycling mobility is given detailed consideration.

Traffic signals in urban centres provide for more efficient and safer control of vehicles and pedestrians movements in high volume locations.  Traffic lights provide for safe and controlled vehicle manoeuvres and separated controlled pedestrian movements allowing for fairer and more balanced allocation of priority between conflicting  arms of the junction and different transport modes.  Traffic light controlled junctions are proven to be much safer junctions for pedestrians and cyclists. This location adjacent to the Pennywell and Garryowen and Grove Island residential communities and L.I.T. college of Art and the recreational amenities of the canal bank walks and cycle paths has generated pedestrian and cycle road crossing demands which cannot now be safely accommodated at the Abbey Bridge Roundabout and Clare Street Lelia Street junction.

The scheme will include the provision of new footpaths on Clare Street in high quality materials, new public lighting, CCTV, pedestrian crossings and new tree planting near the canal entrance.

Limerick City apologise for any delays experienced by the public during these works.


Pat Dromey

Director of Service

Transportation & Infrastructure



   Orbital Route Map 1 (PDF - 1,723 Kb)

   Orbital Route Map 2 (PDF - 1,647 Kb)

   Orbital Route Map 3 (PDF - 1,370 Kb)

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