Condell Road - Road Works.

Roads work will commence on the Condell Road on Monday the 20th October and last for approximately seven weeks.  The works area will extend from Dock Road Roundabout just south of Shannon Bridge for a distance of 2000 metres approximately to the old City boundary on the N18 Condell Road just past Ted Russell Park. 

Condell Road Photo

The works include:

  1. Planning out and resurfacing the Dock Road Roundabout and Shannon Bridge and resurfacing this with clause 942 and remarking with statutory road markings.  This work will take place at night and will involve closure of the bridge and roundabout.  The public will be informed in advance of these closures.
  2. Overlaying the remainder of the road from a point north of Shannon Bridge to the old City boundary with a clause 942 overlay.  This will also involve the installation of a kerb link on both sides of the carriageway and some modification to the road drainage.  This work will be carried out during daytime working hours and the contractors will keep two way traffic flowing during the works.
  3. The installation of traffic route lighting along the resurfaced route.
  4. When remarking the road after resurfacing the Council will be installing a City bound bus lane on this route.  Therefore the area currently designated as hard shoulder will be reassigned by moving the road centre line.  The road will accommodate an inbound bus lane, an inbound traffic lane and an outbound traffic lane.  This new road layout will also facilitate an inbound and outbound cycle lane.

For the duration of the works, an advisory road works speed limit of 35 km/hr will apply to this section of the road for the safety of the road workers.  After completion of the works a legal speed limit of 50km/hr will apply to this road in line with other roads in the City.

These works will greatly enhance public transport access to the City for north side bus services and also for regional bus services from Shannon Airport and Galway.  Cyclists will also benefit by the provision of designated cycle lanes.  The bus lane will be extended to Coonagh roundabout during 2009 and we expect buses will achieve a 20 minute plus saving on journey time during the am peak traffic period.  The delivery of improved public bus services in Limerick City is a priority for Limerick City Council.

Last update:24/10/2008