Buy Up The City Promotion

“Buy up the City” Campaign 2009 Parking Promotion Details

Limerick City Council’s input to the “Buy up the City” campaign is a support role targeted specifically at providing discounted on-street parking for weekend shoppers.  The input is structured as follows;

Element 1

  • To support the “Buy up the City” campaign Limerick City Council will provide a discounted on-street parking charge for the City’s pay by phone parking system operated by Park Magic.
  • This discounted on-street parking charge will operate on 11th, 18th and 25th April and on 2nd May, 2009.
  • This means that Park Magic users can park on-street during the promotion for 10c instead of the normal €2.  Park Magic users call the FREE phone number 1800 303093 and pay for parking.

Element 2

  • People who are not currently Park Magic users but would like to participate in this promotion can get a FREE Park Magic starter park with the Limerick Leader or from shops participating in the “Buy up the City” campaign.
  • This starter pack comes with €5 free parking credit.  To get started just fix the Park Magic sticker to the inside of the windscreen, phone the FREE phone number 1800 303093 and within 20 seconds parking payment is made.
  • The Park Magic system is in use in Limerick City for 3 years and has in excess of 7000 users.  It is also in use in Cork City as well as locations in the USA including the City of Chicago. The system was invented in Limerick and provides local Limerick jobs. The system works by customers adding credit to their account with laser card, credit card or through local shops selling Park Magic credit. When the driver parks in the City the parking payment is made by making a 20 second free phone call from their mobile phone. It is essentially a parking disc for life which wastes no paper and all the calls are free.  For more information on Park Magic phone 061-311422 or visit or email

Element 3

  • Limerick City Council will make available for each Saturday of the campaign €300 worth of parking discs or parking credit with Park Magic to the winner of a quiz/competition.
  • This quiz/competition is being developed and presented by the Limerick Leader and Radio Spin South West.  The precise details of the quiz/competition are not known at this time.  However it is likely that the River Shannon in Limerick City will be the main focus.
  • It is intended that these parking discs will be made available to radio Spin South West prior to each day of the campaign.

Element 4

  • Limerick City Council Traffic Department has had discussions with Euro Car Parks in Limerick inviting them to participate in the “Buy up the City” campaign.
  • Mr. David Cullen of Euro Car Parks has agreed to participate and make the Charlottes Quay Car Park available to City shoppers at half price for the dates of the campaign.
  • 450 spaces are available at this car park.

Rory McDermott

Last update:30/04/2009