The Lifesaver Project

The “Lifesaver Project” is a road safety initiative aimed at secondary school students which has been launched in Limerick in an effort to educate and reduce the number and severity of road crashes and to improve road safety awareness. 

This road safety event is divided into two parts.  The first part is where the students will witness first hand what the scene of a fatal road traffic crash is like.  The Gardai and emergency services will be deployed as if it were a real crash involving a fatality.  Afterwards students will be led into a large conference room where the second part of the project takes place.

This is done in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with input from local emergency services personnel.  It includes road safety advertisements from around the world, personal accounts from people who have survived serious injury crashes and footage of the families of those who have died.  It is a very honest and hard hitting account of the reality of Road Safety in Ireland today.  The emergency services personnel recount some of their own first hand experiences at sites of crashes and also on the follow on effects and how it can change lives forever.

This event has been arranged for Limerick City and County Secondary Schools.

The intention is to target transition year students as they are about to embark on their driving career or currently travel in cars with young friends.  I envisage this event will complement the Road Safety Authority’s Transition Year Road Safety Resources programme.  It is intended to run the event again in 2009 for transition year students and perhaps the remainder of the senior cycle.

Limerick City Council would like to extend an invitation to you and your transition year students to attend the event.  I have attached a fax back booking form to be used to confirm attendance and numbers.  Teachers are requested to remain with their students for the duration of the event

In order to ensure ‘street cred’ amongst the young audience it is considered appropriate to display hard-hitting images during the presentations.  The event will last approximately 90 minutes.  It may be possible, if the number of transitions year students attending is less that the capacity of the venue, to accommodate other classes in the senior cycle.  You should indicate this number in the slot marked ‘Other’ on the booking form.  However, as indicated, if we are not in a position to accommodate all pupils there will be a further showing in 2009.

This is a very worthwhile event, which will hopefully leave a positive and lasting impression on the young people present.  I would encourage you to support these efforts to promote road safety in your school.  I have no doubt that this event will contribute to a reduction in the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads of City and County.


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Last update:21/10/2009