Limerick Northern Distributor Road Phase 2


Public Exhibition for Phase 2 of Limerick Northern Distributor Road

(Clare County Council in conjunction with Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council have completed the Route selection report for the Limerick Northern Distributor Road. The Limerick Northern Distributor Road is a vital piece of infrastructure for the economic and social development of Limerick City and the Mid-West region. The proposed road will provide for greater connectivity for communities around the northern fringes of Limerick City and South East Clare. The road will significantly reduce traffic congestion in the Corbally area and Limerick City centre as well as opening up road access to the North Campus of the University of Limerick and therefore providing people with better access to education and employment opportunities. A copy of the Route Selection report and supporting Maps are attached below viewing.)



   Limerick Northern Distributor Road - Route Corridor Selection Report, Volume 1 September, 2012 (PDF - 15,475 Kb)

   Maps1 (PDF - 28,549 Kb)

   Maps 2 (PDF - 44,630 Kb)

   Maps 3 (PDF - 44,048 Kb)

   Maps 4 (PDF - 43,478 Kb)

   Maps 5 (PDF - 39,997 Kb)

   Maps 6 (PDF - 26,692 Kb)

   Supplementary Public Consultation Meeting 27th March, 2012 (MS Word - 407 Kb)

   Limerick Northern Distributor Road Phase 2 Public Information Leaflet (PDF - 774 Kb)

   Northern Distributor Road Phase 2 Public Questionnaire (PDF - 119 Kb)

   Preferred Route Corridor - Section 1 (PDF - 915 Kb)

   Emerging Preferred Route Corridor - Section 2 (PDF - 914 Kb)

   Media Release - Submission Deadline Extended to 11th May, 2012 (MS Word - 30 Kb)

   Media Release 26.03.12 - Northern Distributor Road Draft Constraints Report (PDF - 29 Kb)

Last update:24/09/2012