Renewal of Motor Tax

  • Form RF100B (computerised reminder issued by Vehicle Registration Unit, Shannon) or Motor Tax Renewal Form (RF100A) available from motor taxation offices, public libraries and Garda Stations;

   Motor Tax Renewal Form (RF100A) (PDF - 375 Kb)

  • Insurance details, company name, policy no, expiry date;
  • Fee;
  • Note: Goods Vehicle, may require Pass Statement, from Authorised Department of the Environment and Local Government Test Centre.

    A Certificate of Roadworthiness will be supplied by the motor tax office on presentation of the Pass Statement and fee.
    • €6.00 fee for light goods vehicles (up to 3500kg gross design weight)
    • €13.00 for heavy goods vehicles (over 3500kg gross design weight)

    Last update:22/11/2013