ESB Networks Update


Details of restoration times for specific areas is available at:

ESB Networks crews, supported by NIE colleagues and contractors have been out since early this morning working to restore power to customers who remain without electricity. The restoration process has been steadily progressing, however the further high winds yesterday caused more damage and additional power outages. 3,000 network technicians, engineers and linesmen are working to repair power lines in the worst affected areas of the country. ESB Networks is working systematically through the faults to prioritise:

  • those which pose a public safety hazard,
  • those affecting the largest numbers of customers,
  • those affecting water treatment plants.

Power supply has been restored to over 230,000 customers since Wednesday. However 50,000 customers remain without electricity this afternoon. In addition to the number of customer interruptions caused by Storm Darwin on Wednesday, the high winds last night caused a further 20,000 interruptions which included 8,000 customers through a high voltage fault in Dingle. This will be restored by lunchtime.

Many customers can expect to have their power back today and tomorrow. However, for isolated faults where there is only one or two customers affected, over 6000 homes are associated with these type of faults, it is unlikely that power will be restored before Monday and the restoration will continue as far as Wednesday. Customers will know if they are in this situation by checking if their neighbours have power supplies or not. Details of restoration times for specific areas is available at:

As additional information is gathered about the nature of faults on the network, ESB Networks is updating estimated restoration times for customers. Customers without power should check for updates on or telephone 1850 372 999 and have their MPRN available to access recorded information specific to their location. Updates will also be communicated via local radio.

ESB is reminding customers of the precautionary measures to take in the event of a power cut:

  • never approach broken lines or damaged poles, and keep children and animals away – report damage to ESB Networks at 1850 372 999 and listen to recorded messages carefully
  • turn off electric cookers, ovens, irons, etc. if electricity supply is lost
  • leave a light switched on so you know when power has been restored
  • take extra care if using candles, oil lamps or other naked flames
  • test smoke alarms with fresh batteries
  • ensure adequate ventilation if using gas heaters.

ESB Networks advises customers that all those involved in the clean up operation, especially if clearing trees/timber or other debris, should be especially careful to avoid overhead lines and fallen wires. Following Storm Darwin, one of the worst storms to on record to hit Ireland, over 8,000 faults have been recorded across the electricity network. Many of these present hazards to the public. Wires should not be approached or touched in any circumstances. These wires may be live and can be extremely dangerous.

If customers have information on network faults that pose a risk to the public, please contact 1850 372 999. Information on damage to the network may also be logged on our website at report-damage-to-esb-networks.

Last update:16/02/2014