€1.3m approved for Flood Remedial Works for damage to homes in St Mary's Park, Limerick


Friday, 28th February 2014

Limerick City and County Council has announced that work will begin immediately on repairs to homes damaged by flooding in St Mary's Park following the approval of €1.3m in funding from the Department of the Environment.

The funding was announced today (Friday) following discussions between Limerick City and County Council and the Department of the Environment and agreed that Regeneration monies will be used to carry out the necessary works.

Residents of St Mary's Park are being informed by local authority officials door to door today that contractors will begin reinstatement works to all homes with flood damage. Reinstatement works had commenced on Local Authority owned properties in recent weeks where the area was particularly badly affected by flooding from an extreme high tide in Limerick on February 1st. A major response effort by Limerick City and County Council took place in the aftermath of the flooding to pump away floodwaters and assist residents with alternative accommodation and housing repairs.

Brian Geaney, Senior Executive Officer, Limerick City and County Council, explained that over the last number of weeks, the local authority has been involving in an on-going cleansing and sanitation process of all affected homes.
“Since the flooding happened, the de-humidification of all houses involved has been taking place and this takes time due to the level of flood damage that was caused.” he explained. “Limerick City and County Council has been actively engaged with residents, local Councillors & organisations in St Mary's Park to keep them updated on a continuous basis about our efforts including St Mary's Community Group, St Mary's Regeneration Committee and St Mary's Aid. I'm delighted to confirm that works can now continue to include all houses following the drying out of all affected premises.”

Mr Geaney confirmed that Limerick City and County Council will remain in contact with the Department of the Environment in relation to other aspects of the flood relief programme.

Other areas of Limerick affected by the flooding should make an application as previously advised to the Housing Assistance Scheme operated by the Department of Social Protection. The details of this scheme are available at the local Community Welfare Services contact points or at www.welfare.ie

Flood victims were also assisted by the Department of Social Protection which paid a total of €109,242 to affected persons after 275 claims were processed for their immediate needs and the replacement of furniture and electrical items that were destroyed.

Last update:28/02/2014