Limerick eateries serve up recipes to “Savour”

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Limerick eateries serve up recipes to “Savour”

Limerick, IRELAND – Local food producers in Limerick have joined forces to illustrate the importance of purchasing local produce and the knock-on positive effects for the environment.

Limerick City Tidy Towns Group, together with the Environment Department of Limerick City Council and the Environment Protection Agency's Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) today launched "Savour Limerick”, a collection of food recipes from 11 established Limerick eateries. Those behind the initiative say the recipes encourage people to make great food, buy local produce, use up leftovers and prevent food waste.

Speaking at today’s launch held at the People's Park in Limerick City, Mayor Kathleen Leddin said: “I am delighted to lend my support to the launch of "Savour Limerick".  Buying local produce and preventing food waste is very important for the environment.  According to the EPA Stop Food Waste Campaign the average family throws away about 1/3 of the food they buy."

Ms. Helen O Donnell, Chair of the Limerick City Centre Tidy Towns Group, added: “This has been an exciting project for the Limerick City Centre Tidy Towns Group.  We are grateful to everyone who supplied recipes, and waste prevention tips.  Savour Limerick was listed as an ongoing project in our 2013 Tidy Towns application and it will feature again in 2014 in the 'Sustainable Waste and Resource Management' category. Thank you to the EPA's Local Authority Prevention Network for their support of the project."

Ms. Pauline McDonogh, Local Authority Prevention Network commented: “It is wonderful to see Limerick City Centre Tidy Towns collaborate with Limerick City Council and local eateries to produce a user friendly booklet with wonderful waste prevention tips and recipes for leftovers.  It is important that collectively, local authorities, the catering industry, volunteer groups such as Tidy Towns and householders continue to focus on food waste prevention and resource efficiencies as a priority."

"Savour Limerick - Enjoying Limerick’s great local produce and saving food from waste" offers the public the opportunity to create and serve up recipes supplied by Limerick’s top chefs using local Limerick ingredients.  The aim of this recipe booklet is to encourage buying local produce, using up leftovers and preventing food waste. Savour Limerick includes interesting and fun recipes using locally sourced produce, delicious recipes for using up leftovers, and food waste prevention tips from the experts.

Buying local, using up leftovers and preventing food waste are all part of resource efficiency which is vitally important whether you are running a business or a home. Resource efficiencies lower our impact on the environment and can only do good for the planet. It is generally good for our pockets also!  So get stuck in – try the recipes with local ingredients, learn how to make the best of leftovers, and use the food waste prevention tips.

The participating local eateries include Absolute Hotel, Bobby Byrnes, The Canteen, Greene's Bistro, Green Hill's Hotel, Mortells Deli and Seafood Restaurant, The Hunt Cafe, No.1 Pery Square, Savoy Hotel, Strand Hotel and the Cornstore.  The EPA's Local Authority Waste Prevention Network provided the funding for the Savour Limerick Project.

"Savour Limerick” is available from Limerick City and County Council's Customer Care Desk in City Hall, Merchants Quay, The Environment Department, County Hall, Dooradoyle. It will also be available on line at and notices/Savour Limerick.


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