Ireland’s First Dedicated Marketing Company for a City/County Launched for Limerick

Limerick Marketing Company will place-market city to local, national and international audiences

Company wants to double number of tourists and FDI visitors in five years through range of measures, including major digital media programme

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Limerick Marketing Company Launch

Limerick is going global after announcing today the creation of the Limerick Marketing Company to sell the city and county as one of Ireland’s top destinations for business, tourism and education to national and international audiences.

The limited company is the first ever dedicated place-marketing company established for a city/county in Ireland and will be charged with developing and promoting the Limerick brand to visitors, ranging from tourists to international investors, through a dynamic on-going campaign across traditional and new media as well as at key events in Ireland and across the world.

Among the initial targets the company has set for itself is to double the number of visits annually within five years by both tourists and potential international investors seeking to develop, or add to existing, Irish/European bases.

The creation of the company is one of three key pillars of Limerick 2030, the economic and spatial plan aimed at delivering the economic, social and physical renaissance of the city and county.

The Limerick Marketing Company will be a fully-resourced operation and funded by Limerick City and County Council. It will take over the existing activities of the Limerick Communications Office, which up to now promoted the city through traditional and new media, as well as, the online guide to events and activities in Limerick. Marketing the City of Culture programme will be the first major undertaking by the new office, while there are plans for the development of an exciting range smart marketing initiatives.

Speaking at this morning’s launch of the Limerick Marketing Company at the Clarion Hotel in the city, Manager/CEO of Limerick City and County Councils Conn Murray said the company will have a pivotal role in the re-emergence of Limerick. “The Limerick Marketing Company will be all about getting more people into Limerick. That ranges from more potential investors, more tourists, more students and more people to work, holiday, live and study here,” he said.

For example, from a tourism perspective, Limerick had 383,000 overseas visitors alone in 2011, generating revenue of €143m. We want to double that and do even more with the domestic market within five years. The same target applies to potential visits; we want to double, and more, the number of itinerary visits to Limerick of Foreign Direct Investment companies.

This is a really exciting time for Limerick as we have set out on a path to revitalise the city and county. This process will not happen by chance; it will take as much inspiration as perspiration and the Limerick Marketing Company will be a key driver of this.”
The new entity will be headed up by Eoghan Prendergast. “Limerick has missed out on investment opportunities that other locations in the country have benefited from. From here on, however, we will have one voice marketing, packaging and selling the Limerick message smarter than ever before to make sure that Limerick will be to the fore when those investment decisions are being made,” he said.

We will be at major national and international events and will also have a very strong focus on traditional media. However, the biggest change in how we connect with people will be by way of the smart, digital media place-marketing of Limerick we are about to undertake. Thanks to the internet and mobile solutions, there is an enormous global audience just seconds away and we will be devising smart platforms and tools to connect with the world and tell the collective Limerick story like it has never been told before.

Mr Prendergast added that the company will model itself on international best practice and has, in particular, taken a leaf from the Manchester book. “We have looked at how this has been done elsewhere and Manchester is an outstanding example. Other than population, the similarities between it and Limerick are uncanny. Manchester, just like Limerick, is noted for its theatre, music, sport and the arts and has an international airport, just like we do with Shannon Airport on our doorstep.

“In the 1990s Manchester took an interagency, collaborative approach, just like we now have, and turned things around dramatically by marketing the city in a coherent, collective and clear way. The return has been phenomenal; it is now the second most popular city in the UK (after Edinburgh) for international visitors and is a major centre for creative industries. That’s an example we intend to follow.

Last update:25/07/2013