Late Payment Penalties and Interest to rise by €11 in October

Late Payment Penalties and Interest to rise by €11 in October for those who have not yet paid their Household Charge

26th September 2012

The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) has advised residential property owners who have not yet paid their Household Charge that penalties and interest are to rise by €11 in the month of October, bringing the total amount due by those who pay their charge in October to €127. For those who pay their charge in the remaining days of September, the charge including penalties and interest will be €116.

Jackie Maguire, Chair of the Household Charge Project Board advises “I would encourage those residential property owners who have not yet paid the charge to do so as soon as possible. Penalties and interest will continue to accrue each month for those who have not yet paid the charge and I would encourage people to pay the charge by the end of September before the penalties and interest goes up by €11”.

The Agency confirmed today that over €104 million has been received to date from over one million households in payment of the Household Charge. Local Authorities have issued letters to over 105,000 homeowners based on the Agencies first data sharing exercise over the past number of months. Those residential property owners identified face prosecution by local authorities if they continue to ignore warning letters issued. Also, the Agency is nearing completion of a second data gathering exercise and first letters will be issued to those homeowners identified in this exercise in coming weeks. Ms Maguire advises “The legislation allows us to access various agencies databases. This information is being used to contact those property owners who have not yet paid the charge to advise them that they are legally obliged to do so. In the mean time penalties and interest is accruing on the charge and these property owners will face a larger payment if they don’t pay their charge as soon as possible or they will face prosecution if they refuse to pay”.

A formal project group continues to progress data sharing across the agencies listed in the legislation; Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR), the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB), Property Registration Authority (PRA), Revenue Commissioners, the Department of Social Protection and ESB Networks.

Local authorities have seen cuts to their Local Government Fund in recent months based on collection figures for the Household Charge being less than 100%. Ms Maguire adds   “I would like to thank those people who have paid their charge to date. Local Authorities will use the proceeds of the Household Charge to maintain essential local services but unless more people pay the Household Charge local authorities face further cuts towards the end of the year. If this happens local authorities will be left with no choice but to reduce services locally. This money is critical to fund essential local services like public parks; libraries; open spaces and leisure amenities; planning and development; fire and emergency services; maintenance and cleaning of streets and street lighting – all facilities that benefit everyone in the community”. Ms Maguire is appealing to owners of residential properties who have not yet paid to register and pay the Household Charge as soon as possible.

All owners of residential property in Ireland are liable for the household charge on each residential property they own, as at 1st January 2012. This includes those properties that are liable for the €200 charge on Non-Principal Private Residences (NPPR). Owners of Irish residential properties who live outside Ireland are also required to register for and pay the household charge. Properties which are eligible for a waiver also need to register their property to be in compliance with the legislation.

Payment of the charge and all penalties due can be made online at, by posting an application form to PO Box 12168, Dublin 1 or at your local authority office. For further information on waivers and exemptions and FAQs log on to or LoCall 1890 357357.


Last update:03/10/2012