Elemental Limerick Arts and Culture Festival 2012

Press Release: 20th AUGUST 2012
Elemental Limerick Arts and Culture Festival 2012

Elemental Arts and Culture Festival will bring the arts in all shapes and sizes to Limerick for one day of back-to-back entertainment on Saturday September 15th

On Saturday, 15th September 2012, the streets of Limerick will come alive to welcome both visitors and native Limerick people alike to the inaugural Elemental Arts & Culture Festival. The festival encompasses the arts in all their guises, from interactive street art, dance and short films, to street performers and a talk on a very special lost local hero.
Speaking at the launch of Elemental in Limerick’s Hunt Museum today (Monday), Alan Hogan, one of the Elemental organising team, elaborated:
 "We uncovered the incredible story of a county Limerick woman, Sophie Pierce, also known as Lady Mary Heath who was an Olympian and an aviator, back in the twenties when such things were unheard of,” he said. “We are lucky enough to have Lindie Naughton, author of Lady Icarus, a book about her life, coming to give a talk in the elegant setting of No. 1 Pery Square. It's a fascinating life story which wouldn't be out of place in a movie."

So where did the idea for Elemental come from? Jennifer Allen, also on the organising team, explains.
"A group of us had spoken many times about the need for a festival in Limerick which provided a broad spectrum of arts and cultural events, accessible events which the general public could participate in,” she said.
“The title Elemental comes from the fact that the five elements of Nature are the inspiration behind the festival, with many of the performers using one or more of the five elements in their performance. Of course the extra element we add in there is the people of Limerick. Their participation is all-important to make the day a success. Our aim is to bring vibrancy, colour and fun to the city for one day. "

The day is designed to keep everybody happy. Start the day at the People's Park at 10am with laughter yoga followed by tai chi and dance. Go back to school from 12-3 at the Frank McCourt Museum for puzzles, funny portraits and all things fun-related. No 1 Pery Square plays host to the Lady Heath talk at 2:30pm.

Moving down to Bedford Row and Thomas Street, which will be the main hub for street activity, there will be local actor Myles Breen with his tea dance. From 11am-4pm, the Hunt Museum will showcase a number of skilled craftsmen and women,from a woodturner to a farrier and a Limerick lace maker, shining a light on these forgotten skills.

Helena Enright, with her "River Shannon Project" will gather information at Arthurs Quay Centre during Elemental to present in a “Theatre of Testimony” reading later that evening while Behind the Scenes Film Network Group will feature an installation of short films on the theme of the elements.

ELEMENTAL is the brainchild of an enthusiastic team of individuals involved in the Arts, who want to bring accessible arts and culture to the people of Limerick. Pius McGrath, who many would know from his extensive involvement in theatre, both in an acting and technical capacity, takes up the story; "We see no reason why Elemental cannot become as big as other world-renowned festivals like the Galway Arts Festival,” he said. “This year, we are starting with a one-day festival, but we intend to grow the event year on year. The economic benefits to the city and region from such an event are immense."

The others on the team are Simon Thompson of Orchard Theatre Company; Maeve McGrath of Sidhe Theatre & Film Company; Zeb Moore actor and director and Colm O'Brien, founder of Carambola Kidz. Their combined experience in performance and entertainment provides rich pickings for an exciting schedule of events.

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Website: http://elementallimerick.com/
For further details on Elemental please contact us at elementallimerick@gmail.com or Pius McGrath 085-7819361

Elemental Limerick Arts and Culture Festival 2012

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