Public Information Notice High Tides

Friday March 18th 2011

Limerick City Council wish to advise the public of impending high tides of 7.00 metres (Limerick Dock gauge) in Limerick City Centre on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the 20th, 21st, and 22nd  of March.

The times will be for a period of 1 hour surrounding high tides (which will vary from 6.7meters to 7.0 meters Limerick Dock Gauge Datum), are listed in the table below.

Limerick City High Tides
Sat 19 06:04 6.70m 18:36 6.90m
Sun 20 06:49 7.00m 19:19 7.00m
Mon 21 07:32 7.00m 20:01 7.00m
Tue 22 08:18 7.00m 20:43 6.90m

Limerick City Council also wish to advise that they will be installing the flood barriers along Clancy Strand and O’Callaghan Strand for this period, prohibiting the use of the Board Walk.

The situation will be kept under constant review and further updates issued as required.

Members of the public with immediate concerns regarding a rising water level should contact the City Council at 061-407100

Issued by Limerick City Council

Last update:18/03/2011