Limerick City Council wish to advise that due to predicted high tides over the coming weekend of up to 7.0 meters (Limerick Dock Gauge Datum), there is a potential risk of tidal flooding to the City Centre. This risk will be increased should the prevailing winds be from the South West.

Residents and Businesses are advised to take all necessary precautions to protect their property and the public are advised to show extreme caution in the vicinity of the quays.The website www.flooding.ie has useful information in this regard.

The critical times, for a period of 1 hour surrounding high tides (which will vary from 6.7meters to 7.0meters Limerick Dock Gauge Datum), are:

  • Friday 18-02-2011 6.26am & 6.59pm
  • Saturday 19-02-2011 7.10am & 7.42pm
  • Sunday 20-02-2011 7.53am & 8.24pm
  • Monday 21-02-2011 8.38pm & 9.07pm

Limerick City Council also wish to advise that they will be installing the flood barriers along Clancy Strand and O’Callaghan Strand for this period, prohibiting the use of the Board Walk.

The situation will be kept under constant review and further updates issued as required.

Members of the public with immediate concerns regarding a rising water level should contact the City Council at 061-407100

Limerick has a long and proud tradition of storytelling, poetry, and music with a rich historical heritage.  Key to this tradition has been the language of its people.  In recent years Limerick has welcomed many new residents and communities, bringing a rich new source of language, culture and tradition. Language in Limerick has never been so vibrant and dynamic and Limerick Language Alive seeks to celebrate this.
Limerick City Council invites community groups to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of language in their community by running an event that brings language alive, helps to connect communities and breaks down communication and cultural barriers.
Examples of events could include:

  • Having fun with language  - international “Limerick” competition
  • The language of history and lore – bringing oral and written traditions to life
  • The language of music – rock, rap, choral how music brings language alive
  • The language of business – unlocking the language of business in Limerick today
  • Language and art – using art to depict the experience of learning new languages
  • Our language; Your Language – an international language exchange where you can learn a new language
  • Language fusion – bringing Irish, English and other languages together in exciting and creative ways
  • Language Improvisation – stand up and other innovative ways of  communictating language
  • Poetry Workshops
  • Storytelling competitions
  • And much more…

A limited number of small grants are available to run an event as part of Limerick Language Alive week, October 17th-23rd, 2011.   To download a copy of the Grant Application Form please click the following link Language Week Grant Form (93 Kb).  Applications to be received before 4pm on  September 15th 2011 in the Community & Enterprise Department, Limerick City Council, City Hall, Merchant's Quay, Limerick.

'Value Your Vote!'

Will you be aged 18 or over on 15th February, 2012?
If so, you have a right to vote.

However, you will be unable to exercise that right if your name is not on the Register of Electors.

Make sure your voice will be heard by checking the Draft Register now.

It’s available for inspection from 1st November until 25th November at any of the following venues:

Post Offices, Public Libraries, Local Authority Offices, Courthouses and Garda Stations.


Log on to www.limerickcity.ie

Check The Draft Register Of Electors Before 25th November

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Last update:01/11/2011