William Street Contract Signing

Limerick City Centre Re-modelling of Streets & Public Spaces

William Street/Upper William Street & Sarsfield Street Limerick

Construction mobilisation – Works commences 5th July 2010

The William Street improvement scheme comprises the fourth stage of the Limerick City Centre Re-modelling of Streets and Public Open Spaces Programme, led by Limerick City Council Transport & Infrastructure department. This ambitious initiative aims to make the City Centre a visitor friendly environment and a far more attractive place in which to shop, to visit, do business, and pass the time of day.

The Remodelling of Limerick City Centre has been under-way since 2001, comprising the creation of a new public square at Baker Place, streetscape improvements at Lower Bedford Row, and a major transformation of Upper Bedford Row (between Henry Street and O’Connell Street) In phase 3 substantial upgrade works have been carried out on Thomas Street, Little Catherine Street, Augustinian Land, Foxes Bow and Block 1 of Catherine Street. Along the riverside major public realm improvements have also been completed at O’Callaghan Strand and Clancy Strand including the new Board walk all of which demonstrate the City Councils commitment to revitalising Limerick City Centre.

Development of the William Street/Sarsfield Street project has entailed extensive on-going consultation with key stakeholders and the local business and residential community on the street. Limerick City Council is grateful to the stakeholders for the level of cooperation and goodwill It has received throughout the consultation process in developing a scheme that meets the needs of the various street uses. This project also required the review of city centre traffic management measures and to facilitate the scheme a new road network was introduced earlier this year in the upper William Street area.

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Last update:02/07/2010