Disruption to Water Supply

28/12/2010 15:30

The City Council is aware that many consumers are experiencing difficulty making contact with the Council's emergency line and apologises for this. 

An alternative call centre 061-407100 has been setup to deal from 8am to 8pm with calls related to water disruption.

In the meantime however should you be having difficulties with your water supply the City Council advises that

  • The City Council still has adequate supplies of water to meet the current demands which are now running at 1.5 times the normal demand,and that no water has been turned off.
  • Eventhough the air temperatures have risen ground temeratures may not have risen sufficiently to allow for a full thaw of water supplies and individuals may still be experiencing a loss of water.
  • Please check the Advice To Consumers With Frozen Pipes section
  • A simple solution may be to pour boling water over any suspected vunerable areas that you feel may still be frozen. Also check that your ball cock in the tank in the attic is not jammed.

The City Council also wishes to advise that it has people working fulltime on the ground attempting to assist with the speedy return of all water supplies.

Again the City Council regrets any inconvenience.

Limerick City Council's Emergency Lines are 061 407100 and 061 417833. 

28/12/2010 14:30pm Due to the high volume of calls related to water shortages you may experience difficulties being connected.

28/12/2010 14:30 Water mains repaired in Clonmacken, Ballincurra Gardens, Irish Estates, Ennis Road.

Last update:28/12/2010