Limerick figures prominently in international investment report

Publish Date: Wednesday 7th May 2014

The Chief Executive of Limerick City and County Council has welcomed the findings of a newly published international report revealing that Limerick is in the top ten metropolitan areas of Western European to invest in.

The 6th Global ‘Best to Invest Report’ has been compiled by Site Selection, an international magazine focusing on corporate real estate strategy and area economic development.

The Report cites Ireland as the best Western European country to invest in and includes a Top 10 list of the best metropolitan areas to invest in. The List includes (1) Barcelona, Spain; (2) Birmingham, UK; (3) Dublin, Ireland; (4) Madrid, Spain; (5) London, UK; (6) Vienna, Austria; (7) Erfurt, Germany; (8) Athens, Greece; (9) Limerick, Ireland; and (10) Antwerp, Belgium.

"The findings of this Report represents further evidence of Limerick's growing status as an attractive location for investment, both by existing companies operating in Limerick and those from elsewhere seeking new foreign direct investment opportunities," explained Limerick City and County Council Chief Executive Conn Murray.

He added: "Limerick's inclusion in this Report follows an examination of the area's attractiveness as an investment location using a defined set of criteria. 50% of the overall ranking was based on the growth in new facilities, capital investment and job creation with the remaining 50% based on business costs, economic strength, infrastructure; regulatory burden; and tax rates.

"The fact that Limerick has been placed alongside established business centres such as London, Madrid, Dublin and Barcelona will inject a huge amount of confidence in the local sector. It will also promote Limerick's position globally as an investment location while this status can also be used by agencies responsible for attracting inward investment in the region. Limerick City and County Council through the Limerick Marketing Company will be highlighting this Report when engaging with potential investors.

"Recent investment announcements by the likes of Regeneron and Ethicon are all signs that there is significant and positive change for Limerick. All agencies responsible for the development and promotion of Limerick must continue to work closely so as to ensure that the progress made in recent years is built on. Limerick City and County Council looks forward to playing a central role in such efforts," concluded Mr. Murray.

The 6th Global Best to Invest Report may be viewed at

Last update:07/05/2014