Limerick Councils to hold historic final meetings

Thursday, 17th April 2014

The historic amalgamation of Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council will move one step closer over the next fortnight as both local authorities convene for the final time.

The Councils are being merged into one Limerick Local Authority, Limerick City and County Council, on 1st June following the Local Elections.

The final ever meeting of the County Council takes place in Limerick County Hall in Dooradoyle on Tuesday next (22nd April) while the City Council, the origins of which date back more than 800 years, will hold its final ever meeting in City Hall on Monday 28th April.

Speaking ahead of the final meeting of the City Council, Mayor of Limerick Cllr. Kathleen Leddin said: "It will be very historic day for past and present Council members and staff. The day will be tinged with some sadness but also with an immense amount of pride in what has been achieved by the City Council down through the centuries."

"During this final meeting, we will remember the past members and staff of Limerick City Council and how they have contributed to the development of the city over hundreds of years. The modern, thriving city we know today is testament to the vision and work of so many Councillors, Mayors and staff members that have gone before us. They should not and must not be forgotten," added the Mayor.

Cllr. John Sheahan, Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council said Tuesday's meeting will afford Council members and management "the opportunity to remember and acknowledge those who have contributed to the development of the County down through the years."

Cllr. Sheahan added: "Limerick County Council has been key to the transformation of County Limerick during the last 115 years. I am proud to have served as a member of the Council and as Cathaoirleach of a local authority that has played a central role in the social and economic life of the County. The Council's many achievements in delivering vital services to the people of the County will stand the test of time and I look forward to the new merged authority continuing this important role."

Meanwhile, City and County Manager/Chief Executive Conn Murray noted that the impending merger "represents a historic change for the City and County Councils whose modern forms go back over 100 years."

Mr. Murray continued: "I want to thank the Elected Members, management and staff, both past and present, for their outstanding contribution to the social and economic development of Limerick down through the years. The amalgamation represents a unique opportunity for Limerick City and County, where there will be one voice and one vision for Limerick. As one of the largest local authorities in the State, I believe Limerick City and County Council will play a leading role in the economic development of Limerick for many years to come."

The April Monthly Meeting of Limerick County Council commences at 2.30pm in County Hall this coming Tuesday and will be followed at 5.00pm by the presentation of a ceremonial clock to the Cathaoirleach, while Elected Members will receive a scroll in recognition of their years of service to the Local Authority.
At 6.30pm, the launch takes place of a new book, entitled 'Who's Who on Limerick County Council - 1899 to 2014', which was written by former Council employee, Sean Gallagher. This will be followed by the official opening of an Exhibition 21899-2014: A Retrospective of Limerick County Council”.

The April Monthly Meeting of Limerick City Council takes place on Monday 28th April at 4pm and will be followed at 6pm by a presentation to the Mayor and sitting Councillors. At 6.30pm, a new exhibition, entitled “1197-2014: A Retrospective of Limerick City Council" will be officially launched in Istrabraq Hall. The evening concludes at 7pm with a reception in the Glazed Street.

Limerick County Council, in common with all other County Councils, held its first meeting on April 22nd 1899. The meeting was held in the Grand Jury Rooms of the County Courthouse in Merchants Quay and was attended by all 33 members, 27 of whom were supporters of Irish Home Rule and 6 of whom were Unionists. The connection with O'Connell Street began over 100 years ago in January 1901 when the County Council rented 82 O'Connell Street. It purchased 79-84 in subsequent years before relocating to County Hall in Dooradoyle in 2003.

Limerick City Council was established in 1197 as Limerick Corporation. The period between 1651 and 1656 represents the only break in the existence of Limerick Corporation when the Old English settlers surrendered to Cromwellian forces in 1651. Limerick Corporation was renamed Limerick City Council in 2002.

Last update:17/04/2014