Property Management

Limerick City Council's Economic Development Section ensures that there is a transparent, efficient and accountable process for the maintenance of a Property Inventory Control System.

The Economic Development Section is responsible for the acquisition and disposal of property and land by the City Council. This involves liasing with other sections in City Hall on the identification of future needs from both an economic and social perspective. Once a need has been identified the Property Management Section is responsible for concluding all aspects of acquiring the land or building. With land that is already in the ownership of the City Council Property Management assists in the provision of Industrial and commercial sites to encourage local development and enterprise.

Economic Development processes all Section 183 Orders, Compulsory Purchase Orders, Land Exchanges, Leases, Vesting Orders and maintains a Property Register for easy identification of the aforementioned. It is intended to further advance the property register by incorporating digital mapping with textual data, which can be easily accessed, thereby obtaining a high quality portfolio of City Council property.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Preparation of reports reflecting the status of the City Council property
  • Ensure that the Assets Register reflects the information in the Property Register
  • The provision of administrative support for the research of title in the Limerick Area, ensuring that title is perfected and registered
  • Arranging security at all vacant buildings and sites in City Council ownership
  • Liaison with the Risk Management Section with regard to all incidents or damage to our property
  • Ensuring correct procedures are adhered to including stamp duties and returns to the Revenue Commissioners
  • Prepare income and expenditure summaries and ensure there is a correlation between capital outlay and income received
  • Facilitation of the valuation of lands
  • Registration of old wayleaves
  • Liaison with the Land Registry Office
  • Negotiation of leases and real estate transactions
  • Provision of contractual oversight and liaison with Law Agent


For further details please contact :

Ciara Farrell, Administrative Officer, 061 407367

Ciara Farrell
Administrative Officer
Economic Development
Phone: 061 407367

   City Centre Strategy 2008 (PDF - 14,549 Kb)

Last update:18/02/2013