The Decision Process

Timescale of Decision Process

The timescale of the decision process is effected by the completeness of the planning application and the possibility of an appeal to An Bord Pleanála. Generally, a valid application will be dealt with by a Planning Authority within twelve weeks, from the date the application is made, to the final grant of permission.

Start Notice published in paper and site notice erected.
Two weeks later Latest date for lodging application.
Between two weeks and five weeks later Application is validated by the Planning Authority.
Submissions or objections are considered.
Between five and eight weeks later Planning Authority issues notice of the decision on the Application. (Alternatively, they may request further information).
Four weeks after issue of notice of decision. If no appeal is made, the Planning Authority will issue granting of permission, or outline permission, except where they have already indicated a decision to refuse.

Note: An appeal may take longer than an application to decide, but An Bord Pleanála has an objective to decide appeals within 18 weeks of receipt of an appeal.

Request for Further Information

The Planning Authority may request additional information in order to adjudicate on the planning application through a Further Information Request. In this case, the Applicant has 6 months to respond to this Request for Further Information. The Planning Authority must make its decision within 4 weeks of the date of receipt of a full response to this Request for Further Information. If the Applicant is unable to submit the required information within this time period, he/she can complete a F4 - Extension of Time Application Form (RFI) (138 Kb), for consideration by the Planning Authority.  

In some cases a Request for Clarification of the further information submitted may be made and in this case the Applicant must submit clarification within 6 months from the date of the initial Further Information Request. In cases where an Environmental Impact Statement has been submitted as part of the application, the timescale for making a decision on foot of the further information received is 8 weeks, rather than the usual 4 weeks. 

The period can vary, particularly if the Planning Authority seeks further information from the Applicant (which must be done within the first eight weeks). The Planning Authority has then, four weeks from the day the further information is received to make a decision on the application. 



Last update:22/06/2011