Before you Apply for Planning Permission

How do I arrange a Pre-Planning Consultation?  

In order to arrange a pre-planning consultation meeting, the Applicant must complete a F3 - Pre-Planning Application Form (174 Kb).

The application can then be forwarded to the Planning & Economic Development Department by emailing or alternatively by post to the Planning & Economic Development Department, Limerick City & County Council, 7-8 Patrick Street, Limerick. 

Accompanying Information  

A number of other documents must accompany the F3 - Pre-Planning Application Form (174 Kb), these include: 

  • A Site Location Map with the site to be discussed clearly outlined in red.
  • A detailed written description of the proposed development - size, nature etc.
  • A drawing of the proposed layout.
  • Other supporting information such as photographs, preliminary drawings etc.
  • Planning reference number for any previous applications on the site (if known).
  • If any previous application was refused, confirmation as to whether or not it was appealed.

In order for a pre-planning meeting to be as beneficial as possible, all the information specified on the Pre-Planning Application Form must be supplied. If any of the above are omitted the pre-planning enquiry shall be returned. The same accompanying information must be included with enforcement proceedings.

It must be remembered that the information discussed will be of a preliminary nature, given that the site may not have been visited and that the issues involved would not have been examined in any detail. Article 247 (3) of the Local Government (Planning & Development) Act 2010 (As Amended) states that “the carrying out of consultations shall not prejudice the performance by a Planning Authority of any other of its functions under this Act, or any regulations made under this Act and cannot be relied upon in the formal planning process or in legal proceedings.” 

Choosing an Agent  

Very few people go through the planning process without availing of the services of an Architect or other appropriately qualified individuals (referred to from here on as an Agent).  

Employing a good Agent guarantees a better chance of a positive result in a shorter timescale. Through their expertise, he/she will know what is required in a planning application reducing the need for a Further Information Request.  

It is essential that you choose an Agent who is familiar with the relevant Development Plan, Planning Legislation and Planning Regulations and who is also familiar with the specific requirements of the City Council regarding traffic safety, building conservation, public health, design standards etc.

Development Charges  

Under the Planning & Development Acts 2000-2010 (As Amended), the Planning Authority, when granting a planning permission may, as a condition of that planning permission, require the payment of a contribution in respect of public infrastructure and facilities benefiting development in the area of the Planning Authority. 

The Planning & Development Act 2000-2010 (As Amended) provides that the Planning Authority shall prepare a Development Contributions Scheme for its area of jurisdiction or for parts thereof.

It is advisable that, prior to submitting a planning application, the development contribution costs are known in order to avoid confusion at a later stage in the application process. Further information can be found in the Limerick City Council Contribution Scheme 2011 (As Amended, 6th October 2010) (2,544 Kb).  

Last update:02/04/2014