Development Plan

The Limerick City Development Plan sets out policies and objectives to create a vibrant and sustainable city at the heart of the Mid-West Region. Through an extensive consultation period, the Limerick City Development Plan sets out Limerick City Council’s policies for the development of the City to 2016 and beyond improving the social, economic, cultural and environmental health both through direct action and in conjunction with other stakeholders i.e. the State, private and community sectors. This plan was adopted by Limerick City Council on 25th November 2010.  

The City Development Plan 2010-2016 is composed of three volumes:

Volume I (Written Statement) - Contains the text of the development plan detailing the objectives and policies for the City in 16 chapters;

Volume II (Appendices) - The zoning and development objective maps which accompany the above text. There are twenty seven maps in total covering the entire city which feature different themes. Volume II also outlines the Record of Protected Structures, Sites & Monuments Record (Archaeological) and a supplementary advice note on NIAH Additions

Volume III (Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA) - As per Article 13(I) of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 a Strategic Environmental Assessment – Environmental Report of the City Development Plan was also prepared along with a Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Report and a Habitats Directive Assessment Screening Report (HDA).

A copy of the plan is available by clicking on the following PDF link Limerick City Development Plan 2010 - 2016 (48,055 Kb)

Note: To go directly to a particular area of the plan, move the cursor over the title which you wish to view. To go back to the main menu, click on the Back to Contents link at the end of each page. Alternatively, use the links at the bottom of the pdf page to move through the document.

 Limerick City Development Plan 2010-2016

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Lynwood Park Correction to Limerick City Development Plan 2010 2016

Click Crest Below to view document detailing changes to Land Use Zoning Plan

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