Limerick City Council Offers Free Wi-Fi In Public Buildings

Free public Wi-Fi and broadband access has been made available by Limerick City Council at a variety of public buildings across the city.

The service, which allows members of the public to browse the internet free of charge is now available at all branches of Limerick City Library (The Granary, Watch House Cross and Roxboro) and in public areas of Limerick City Hall as well as the newly refurbished Limerick City Gallery of Art in Pery Square.

Limerick City Librarian, Dolores Doyle, who retires today after 41 years, is delighted with the new Wi-Fi service.

“Visitors often come to the library and want to reserve a computer,” she explained. “But if these computers are all taken up by members of the public, they can now use their own laptop, iPad or phone and log on to our free Wi-Fi service. They don’t even need a password and it’s particularly useful for students or those doing research in the reference library who can now copy directly from material they are consulting. We’re delighted that we’re now able to offer this wonderful and accessible new facility to the hundreds of people who pass through our doors every week.”

Parents can be reassured that content control software measures are in place so minors cannot access illegal downloads or other objectionable material.

Limerick City Council says this scheme is one of a wider initiative aimed at setting up free Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’ across the city in the coming months.

“This is about making the internet available to everyone,” said Mihai Bilauca, acting head of IT, Limerick City Council.

"Having free Wi-Fi available in Limerick is attractive for tourists who can find out more about our City without incurring expensive data roaming charges from mobile operators. It also enhances a visitor’s experience of an amenity. For example in the newly refurbished Limerick City Gallery of Art, visitors can instantly share impressions with friends through social media networks thus advertising the Gallery for new potential visitors. Using a smart phone the visitor can scan a quick response code displayed for a painting. This will open a web page with all the information about the art work from the on-line gallery catalogue which we hope to have complete and available online in the coming months."

"Cities around the world deployed free Wi-Fi solutions but many suffered from expensive capital or running costs, unsustainable business models or have been found in breach of fair competition legislation when public funds were provided for what it is considered a commercial telecommunications activity. Experience shows that the most successful projects are the ones where the community shares Wi-Fi connections. This is why Limerick City Council is committed to turn every public building in Limerick into a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Working with Shannon Development, Limerick Regeneration and other agencies we’re hoping to expand the Wi-Fi network across the city with the eventual aim of Limerick becoming a recognised Wi-Fi city.”

Mihai Bilauca says he is encouraging all businesses in the city centre to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. This can be done in a secure and cost effective way. If you are a business interested in deploying Wi-Fi and want to find out more about this idea or if you already provide Wi-Fi to your customers and want to be included in a map of Wi-Fi hotspots you should contact

Current public buildings which offer free Wi-Fi in Limerick include:

  • Limerick City Library
  • Watch House Cross Library
  • Roxboro Library, Limerick City Hall
  • Istabraq Hall and Limerick City Gallery of Art
  • The Limerick City Museum which will move to a new premises in Patrick Street will also offer free Wi-Fi services


Limerick City Council Offers Free Wi-Fi In Public Buildings

Last update:07/02/2012