Limerick City Maps

Detailed City Map

A detailed map of Limerick City can be downloaded from the link below.

A thumbnail image of the City Map
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Development Plan

The Limerick City Development Plan 2004-2010, created by Limerick City Council; aims to promote and develop the commercial development of the city. It also aims to increase the provision of community facilities, while conserving our natural and built heritage. The development plan aims to continue the lobbying for Urban Regeneration and incentive of initiatives.

To read the development plan click Plan

Planning Register

The Planning Enquiry System is an interactive map-based tool that allows the user to view the Limerick City Council Planning Register online. There are two versions of the system: The “Lite” version is platform independent and does not require a plug-in while the “Advanced” version requires MS Internet Explorer and a plug-in but provides more functionality.

To go to the “Lite” version  click on  Lite map

To go to the “Advanced” version click on Planning map

Limerick City Profile

The Limerick City Profile incorporates the most recent census information into a socio-economic profile. It highlights a range of socio-spatial areas including; population changes, employment, housing and education.

To go to the City Profile, click on Profile

Bring banks

Bring bank is a “Lite view” application, it displays the bring banks around Limerick city, each area has its own menu and a description of the facilities it provides. To go to click on Banks

Housing Analysis

A Profile of Tenants and Estates in Limerick City was created for the Social Inclusion Unit. It highlights issues present for Limerick City Council tenants, including the demographic and socio-economic profile of the tenants. To see the profile, click on Profile

Map Sites

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a comprehensive interactive map. It includes layers of Water Quality, Soil data and Air Quality. Click here.
  • EPA water quality map can be viewed through the below link:

It displays the pollution status on many major rivers in Limerick.

Click here.

Click on a pollution status icon on the map and it returns a new window with information such as the location and year sample was taken.

  • To view the air quality of Limerick City, through a pdf, Click here.
  • The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) provides specialist scientific information and advice. It has an interactive map feature which allows the user to view Special Protection Areas (SPAs), National Heritage Areas (NHAs) and Special Areas of Conservation (SACs).  Click here.
  • Heritage holds datasets for Ireland in respect of the SPAa, NHAs, SACs and Nature Reserves and National Parks. Click here to view.
  • GSI contains interactive mapping on such layers as, Aquifer Data, Source Protection Data, Teagasc Subsoils and Bedrock data. Click here to view.

Last update:22/03/2011