Social Inclusion

Limerick City Council's Social Inclusion Unit (SIU) was established in 2002. It is part of the Social Policy and Housing Department and is staffed by a Social Inclusion Officer. Its overall aim is to broaden the role of Limerick City Council in tackling social exclusion and poverty in Limerick City.

What is Social Inclusion?

Social Inclusion is a process which enables people to participate fully in life from an economic, social and cultural perspective. If a person is "excluded" from society, he/she does not have equal access to services, facilities, resources, power, opportunity. People can be excluded from equal participation in life for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons most commonly identified include poverty, racism, disability and gender discrimination.

The SIU's vision is that "Limerick City Council will become a leading organisation in developing and implementing sustainable policies based on equality which empower the citizens of Limerick to participate fully in society from an economic, social and cultural perspective".

While the term "social inclusion" is relatively new, the process of social inclusion is not new to Limerick City Council. Like all local authorities, Limerick City Council has been tackling poverty and exclusion since it was established. The current emphasis on social inclusion is a renewed effort to bring an integrated and focused approach to tackling poverty, inequality and exclusion at local level, and to put local authorities at the centre of this effort.

The SIU works in partnership with all departments of Limerick City Council by supporting them to:

Raise awareness of social inclusion issues Incorporate social inclusion objectives into the corporate planning process Develop and implement projects which impact positively on poverty and social exclusion in the City

Since its establishment the SIU has assisted departments in areas such as literacy awareness, consultation, recreation, rent scheme reform, intercultural awareness and disability awareness, housing strategy, homelessness and the environment.


Niall Flaherty
Social Inclusion Officer
Housing - Social Inclusion Unit
Phone: (061) 407328

Last update:23/05/2007