This Department is concerned primarily with the provision and management of housing for those citizens of Limerick City in need of quality affordable accommodation. Such accommodation is provided through a number of different means:

Direct Provision by:

  • Limerick City Council of new housing units
  • Voluntary Sector of new housing units but supported by Limerick City Council
  • Limerick City Council of new Affordable Private housing units

Assistance through:

  • House Purchase Loans - Annuity Loans, Operation of a Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Shared Ownership Transactions
  • A number of Grant Schemes namely: Housing Aid for Older People Scheme, Mobility Aid Grant Scheme, Housing Adapation Grant Scheme

Management of Housing Units

Limerick City Council has a housing stock of 3,100 in Limerick City. A number of Home Improvement Programmes were completed on these units over the last number of years. 1,200 houses benefitted from the installation of Central Heating, the overall expenditure for this scheme amounted to €8.9m. In order to achieve high quality and a well maintained Housing Stock Limerick City Council has spent over €3m to ensure continued maintenance of its housing stock.

Continued progress is being made on the construction/acquisition of housing units, to date total expenditure in this area has amounted to €23m. Work is also continuing on the development of  traveller accommodation and sevices. Limerick City Council is also involved in the provision of homeless services providing expenditure of €2.4m on the provision of emergency accommodation, staffing of the homeless centre and long term support of housing initiatives.


The Housing Department is involved in a number of additional areas including the:

  • Registration and Inspection of Private Rented Stock under the RAS Scheme
  • Provision of Social & Community Grants
  • Consent to the Sale of City Council built houses
  • Provision of services for the Homeless


A number of different committees operate within the Housing and Social Policy Department

A Strategic Policy Committee

Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee

A Joint Policing Committee


Housing Department

Phone: (061) 407120
Fax: (061) 415266
email: housing@limerickcity.ie

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Housing Department
Ground Floor,
City Hall,
Merchants Quay,

Last update:23/06/2009