Limerick City Green Routes

Limerick City Green Routes Overview

The road network needs to move people and goods efficiently if we are to ensure the social and economic well being of our city. Buses have a vital role to play in this as they can make excellent use of limited road space. However, the potential benefits of bus travel is currently been stifled by traffic congestion on the approach roads to the city centre. Bus travel can become a more attractive alternative to the car by releasing them from the congestion delays they currently experience. The provision of dedicated Bus Lanes or Green Routes on the main corridors used by buses entering the city will help to improve bus journey times and frequencies. In almost every survey about bus services, reliability is one of the most important issues for bus users.
Motorists cite reliable bus services as a pre-requisite for leaving their car at home. Bus priority measures such as bus lanes assist buses through traffic, with more consistent journey times helping deliver timetable reliability. Buses cannot take short cuts to get around congestion; they need help to get through it. Experience from schemes around the country shows that bus lanes reduce bus travel times and improve reliability of service which means buses can operate in accordance with their timetables. On the Raheen Green Route between the South Court Hotel and the Crescent Shopping Centre Bus Eireann are consistently achieving a 12 minute journey time saving during morning peak time travel when compared to travel times before the Bus Lane was introduced.

With car ownership continuing to grow, traffic congestion in Limerick City will get worse. Large-scale road construction in the city centre is not an option and so greater use of public transport, along with more cycling and walking, must provide our main answers. Initiatives to assist buses such as green routes must be seen to be part of the traffic congestion solution, by providing more people with better and faster travel at the same time as reducing the need to travel by car.

The Government under Transport 21 has consistently made it clear that the Bus has a crucial part to play in present and future transport policy. In the short term for Limerick City buses provide the best means of improving and increasing public transport services. The Department of transport in partnership with local authorities and bus operators is positively encouraging bus travel through a number of measures including capital funding for the development of green routes, new buses, bus priority measures, park and ride facilities, real time information and timetable information system. The provision of quality bus services will assist Ireland in meeting its targets on climate change and sustainability.

In mid 2007 the City Council deemed it appropriate that a corridor selection study should be carried out examining all routes into the city with the purpose of recommending in order of priority, the Green Routes to be provided over the coming years.

Below you will find links to the:

  • Draft Green Route Corridor Selection Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Scheme Drawings
  • Promotional literature.

Limerick City Council is currently undertaking a period of 4 weeks consultation with the public and other interested groups in relation to the proposal contained in this report and we would welcome any comments, observations or submissions you would like to make in relation to these proposals. Submissions can be made by e-mail to or by post. The last date for submission is 18th March, 2008. Limerick City Council understand that these measures will be unfamiliar to many people, can be misunderstood and the benefits seem unclear. Staff from the Engineering section are available to meet with residents groups, concerned individuals or interested groups and appointments can be made by contacting the Administrative Officer, in the Engineering Section on 061 - 407171.

We thank you for taking the time to review our proposals.

Pat Dromey,
Director of Service.

Limerick City Green Routes - Public Consultation Notice

Notice is hereby given that Limerick City Council, having offices at City Hall, Merchants Quay Limerick have prepared and have available for inspection by the public and other interested parties,  A Draft Green Route Corridor Selection Report for the provision of dedicated public transport priority lanes on three corridors entering Limerick City.  These new facilities will assist public transport operators in the provision of improved and more efficient services and lead to better choice for the travelling public. 

The corridor selection report may be inspected at the offices of Limerick City Council during working hours (9.30 – 4.30 Mon to Fri) or on line at  for a period of one month from the date of this notice.

Observations may be made in writing to the postal address below, or by e-mail to

The final date for receipt of observations will be Tuesday 18th March at 4pm.


Green Routes
Floor 2
City Hall
Merchants Quay


   Executive Summary (PDF - 245 Kb)

   Full Report (PDF - 740 Kb)

   Graphic of Proposals (PDF - 1,143 Kb)

   Project Leaflet (PDF - 973 Kb)

   Presentation to Council 14/02/08 (Powerpoint - 3,759 Kb)

   Green Routes Map (PDF - 3,568 Kb)

   Green Routes slide show (Powerpoint - 1,249 Kb)

   Brochure of proposed green routes (Powerpoint - 3,809 Kb)

   2020 Vision – Sustainable Travel and Transport:Public Consultation Document (PDF - 3,329 Kb)
    This document describes the issues relating to sustainable travel and transport in Ireland with the aim of engaging participation in a public consultation process, which will lead to a Sustainable Travel and Transport Action Plan in 2008.

   Response to Public Consultation - Limerick City Green Routes (PDF - 287 Kb)
    Limerick City Council published the Draft Corridor Selection Report in February 2008 and sought observations and comments from the general public and interested parties. The report and associated drawings were made available for public viewing at City Hall. This report outlines the findings from the report and reviews the comments received during the observation period.

   Limerick City Green Route, Western Corridor, Ennis Road, Limerick. (PDF - 375 Kb)

   Limerick City Green Route, Eastern Route, Mulgrave Street, Limerick. (PDF - 355 Kb)

   Limerick Green Routes, Ballinacurra Road (Phase 1) (PDF - 5,244 Kb)

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