Wildlife Acts, 1976 to 2000

The Wildlife Acts, 1976 to 2000

Seasonal Restrictions on Destruction of Vegetation

Limerick City Council's Environment Department wishes to advise that it is an offence under these Acts to cut or destroy certain types of vegetation between 1st March and 31st August.

This is of particular relevance to hedge cutting operations but there are certain dispensations.

In Ireland, there is a low cover of native woodland, so hedges are of exceptional importance in providing habitats and corridors for maintaining wildlife diversity, particularly for birds but also for wild plants and organisms that provide food and shelter for birds.

The Minister of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, to whom the National Parks and Wildlife Service reports, has declared that it is departmental policy to prosecute those found to be in breach of this legislation. 

To view Section 40 of the Consolidated Wildlife Acts 1976 to 2000, please double-click on the following link.

S40 of Consolidated Wildlife Acts 1976 to 2000 (344 Kb)

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