Waste Prevention

What is Waste Prevention?

Prevention is as any action taken to limit environmental damage. Preventing waste before it’s ever created (at source) because if you don’t create waste then you don’t pay for it! So waste Prevention is simply stopping waste before it starts

Why Prevent Waste?

  • Waste is bad for the environment and bad for us.
  • Valuable resources such as trees, oil, gas, metals as well as water and  energy are used to create the things we consume on a daily basis such as food, clothes, cars and even the houses we live in.
  • Any manufacturing process creates waste materials, effluents and wasted energy.
  • To dispose of these wastes we then need to use more water, energy, land and money.
  • Even recycling which is far better than landfilling uses up energy, time and resources in terms of transportation, storage and treatment.

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Food Waste

Did you know that the average Irish family throws out up to €700 per year!  www.stopfoodwaste

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Last update:15/12/2011