Schools Battery

Household batteries like, watches or computer games, contain heavy metals which can be harmful to the environment. If we put them in with our household refuse they will go to landfill and release substances such as nickel, cadmium or lead.

These kinds of batteries can be recycled to recover these substances and prevent the risk of environmental damage.  ERP-Recycling has a Schools Battery Recycling Initiative.

  • If your school does not have a battery recycling box in place
    Free Phone ERP-Recycling – 0818332757 and order a battery collection box
  • If your school has an existing battery box originally provided by Limerick City Council and it requires emptying
    Free Phone ERP-Recycling – 0818332757 and order a battery collection – the existing battery box
    will be replaced by a New ERP-Battery Recycling Box or
  • Bring them directly to the Park Road Depot , Park Road, Limerick, (beside Musgrave’s Cash & Carry).

Additional Battery Recycling Opportunities:
Householders are able to bring their spent batteries to any shop or retailer that sells batteries. The shop or retailer is obliged to take back the spent batteries similar to the ones they sell from the householder for recycling even where the person is not purchasing a new battery.

The Park Road Depot also has a battery collection point for householders.  There is also a battery recycling box for householders on the Glass Corridor if City Hall.

What happens to the spent batteries ERP-Recycling collects:
As there are no waste battery recycling facilities in Ireland (due to the chemical compounds in batteries this is a specialised type of recycling requirement for batteries) so ERP will recycle waste batteries in the UK and mainland Europe as part of its pan-European process.

If you have queries contact Fergal Murray of ERP Recycling or the environment department on 407190




Last update:15/12/2011