Waste minimisation tips

  1. Buy loose fruit & veg not prepacked
  2. Buy products with less packaging
  3. Use Styrofoam or broken crockery as drainage in plant pots
  4. Choose reusable napkins not disposable ones
  5. Leave newspaper supplements you are not going to read in the shop
  6. Use dishcloths instead of disposable wipes
  7. Drink tap water use a filter if you need to
  8. Weigh vegetables at the counter instead of taking lots of bags
  9. Weigh vegetables individually and put them all in the one bag
  10. Use reusable nappies - see article
  11. Buy what you need - buy more and you'll throw it out.
  12. Use reusable containers and lunch boxes instead of plastic or foil wrapping
  13. When using paper use both sides of the page
  14. Share magazines with friends or bring them to your local doctor's practise
  15. Return junk mail to sender
  16. Bring old glasses back to opticians for use in developing world
  17. Bring your old mobile phone back
  18. Recycle ink cartridges
  19. Buy a vacuum cleaner with reusable/ rewashable bags.
  20. Keep old corks. Make that notice board
  21. Repair broken or damaged items
  22. Remember back yard burning or burning in your grate is not waste minimisation! See page
  23. Compost turns spoil to soil
  24. Bring books and old clothes to second hand stores

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Waste Minimisation Tips Leaflet

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Last update:29/05/2008